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National School Kids Go Championship 2010.03.10. 00:24:43
This school year the National School Kids Go Championship is being organized for the first time. In this competition the students represent their schools, they don't need any licenses to take part in the championship. The main purpose of the championship is to make the game of go more widely known among students.

This is the first go championship in Hungary, which is organized in six groups according to the birth date of the players and boys and girls separately. The games are played on 9x9, 13x13 and on 19x19 size boards. The board size depends on the age of the players: U10 9x9, U14 13x13, U18 19x19.

The championship is made up of two parts. At first students enter the regional competitions where they fight for getting into the finals. In each regional championship and in the final all the groups and categories are rewarded by medals and small gifts.

  The country is divided into four regions: West Hungary, Central Hungary, East Hungary and the capitol of Hungary, Budapest. In February the four regional competitions took place together with one hundred participants.
The Eastern Hungarian Championship was held on 19th February in the primary school of a small village called Hejokeresztur. This school is special because during the lessons the students are taught the rules of many board games such as chess, checkers etc. and of course go. 44 players took part in the championship, most of them from the local school. The participants played in two groups: under the age of 10 on 9X9 and under the age of 14 on 13X13 size boards. There was a third group for the youngest (U8), but they played only Atari-go.
The Western Hungarian Championship was held on 20th February in a secondary school in the town of Papa. 18 players entered this regional championship. The older are mainly from Papa and the younger are from Sumegcsehi, which is a small village in the neighboring county. The participants played in three groups: U8 on 9x9, U14 on 13x13 and U18 on 19x19 size board.
The Central Hungarian Championship was held on 26th in the town of Szigetszentmiklos about 20 kilometers from Budapest. Only 14 students took part in this championship. The possible reason for the few participants is that the most of students who live in the agglomeration of Budapest are studying in Budapest, due to this they can take part in the championship of the capitol city.
The Championship of Budapest was held on 27th February in a primary school. 24 students took part in this championship. The most participants were primary school students, only five students came from secondary school.
About 70 percent of the participants don’t have any licenses, these regional championships were the first go competitions where they took part. To sum it up, organization of the National School Kids Go championship has already reached its goal. The final is going to be held on 15th May.
The results can be found on the tournaments page. There are separate galleries for each region.

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